Last Days Of Freedom

Wal-Mart Worker
Originally uploaded by jamacdonald.

Only a couple days until my first day as a senior.
Finally going to be able to take some good B&w shots around D.C. Tomarrow. Also I hope to experience my town from which i have left for so long. Here I come smash and all those other great stores I like in Georgetown. Also I plan to make a stop in Adams Morgan, Maybe. I hear it’s getting totally gentrified, saw a Ben & Jerry’s Last time.
Later in september will be all that anti-war protest stuff. Can’t wait. I love to see people begin to care. Also i hope to snap some good photos and video. I love this vlog idea. But can be hard if you have nothing to say. Makes for great practice at film making though. I hope lots of people saw my vlog. I added myself to the vlogmap and sent an e-mail to freevlog so hopefully i will get some viewers.
If you are a viewer stay tuned. I hope to expand into lots of diffrent meduims and give alot of info. who knows. Well talk later. Have good day. I pray for the big easy.

One Response to “Last Days Of Freedom”
  1. Duck Hunter says:

    just checking out your blog. Looking good so far. I’m interested to see what else you come up with.

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