Broken Butterfly

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Well I’ve experienced the first week back at school, and survived. It was actually quite easy and fun. It’s intresting to see all the youth in my area converged onto one spot. So here are some of my observations for the week:
First off I just want to ask all parents of freshmen in High school, what the hell are you thinking when you send your kids to school and let them wear jean skirts and tank tops. Your kids are not the innocent little girls that left your womb. So stop being passive and put your foot down for once.
Secondly I want to say as a Senior this year I am exciteds about what this means for my daily life. Walking around as an 18 year old male in a school of immature little kids (sometimes they act like kids), it reveals to me that I will be observing alot of idiotic ideas being acted on. So for all those who plan to be an idiot and sucome to peer influences, stop now and think about it’s long term effects.
Finally, I just want everyone to know that High school has really changed and it’s getting worse I think, maybe it’ll change or maybe I just don’t have enought hind sight. Oh well, talk to you latter. Bye


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