Ballon Story

What will this turn into
Originally uploaded by jamacdonald.

Fluffy ballons, floating, spinning, taking their own paths, all diffrent colors, blues reds yellows purples greens oranges all diffrent shades and shapes and sizes. All diffrent ballons at a diffrent time focuses and grabs my attention. The orange ballon like a sun set or a large citrus fruit, it brighten my eyes and brings a glowing vibrance to the world. The green inclusion of growth luck, and money, and best of all irish. Yellow the brightest most exclusive ballon filled with summery happy thoughts, a big yellow smiley face.
Red, lucious, warm, and a divine passionate blood fruit. Blue, soft and fluffy cold ice chilled and pressed to the skin until bruising. Purple, royalty, and beauty. Only the most wonderful of colors.
Me setting up for what should be an intresting 3 minute film. I’m making an artsy film for VCU. I hope that this starts me on to a good idea.


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