A Day In the Life of A Heart

THis is It
Originally uploaded by jamacdonald.

Out first encounter, hearts racing,
stomachs churning, biological hormones enchanting,
Dates with no purpose, presents with meaning,
Silly lovers with not a care in the world.

Meeting your family, the Whole family,
Welcomed hugs, open critisisms, daring questions,
Wild glances, and stab-in-the-dark remarks,
A night full of more stomach aches.

Out first argument, lots of yelling,
Lots of appoligies, a couple tears,
Many more hugs, a greater understanding
knowing your true love cares.

Our last goodbye, misunderstandings,
lots of tears, many sorrows,
Tons of regrets, not enough apologies,
Disillusionment of the future, hopes of reconciliation,
Heart break, heart broken, and one day, maybe, heart mended.
Today, Saturday, I should be working on photography and my 3 minute film. Probly won’t get to any of it. Also probly won’t go to the flickr show, don’t want to go alone. Oh well. Just got to learn to be my self and more independent.

One Response to “A Day In the Life of A Heart”
  1. nice work..
    why not put some on my walls?

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