What the Future Holds

See Ya
Originally uploaded by jamacdonald.

Well well well. today is election day in iraq, think i’ll watch CNN for as long as I can stay awake. I’m really intrested. I hope everything goes well. Today I went to the Great Blacks in Wax Muesuem in Baltimore. It was intresting to say the least. Go check it out, it’s worth your time. Also i’ve made a new video, check it out on the previous post. I’ve also started doing meditation, I read on wikipedia that it’s really good for you. I’m going to do it before i goto bed tonight. Well here comes another poem.
What we can only imagine that a bright future would be. In the future there will be greed, and there will be war. There will be suffering and hate. When we all grow up we’ll have to worry about polution and disease. Life will stilll be as invaluable as it is today. People will take advantage of scencerity like they do now. The rich will become richer, the poorer more poor. In the future all our current pains and aches will only amplify. But in the future we will love. In the future we will loose. We’ll control our own destanies and some of us will prosper. All of us will reach for our dreams. Some of us will fufill our goals, others will join the rat race of mundain. The only thing that is for certain is the unpridictability of the future. So go out and take chances, live life to it’s fullest, and work towards your dreams.


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