Turn Here!

What a crazy world. Well it’s sunday. Didn’t really do much with my little film, but I promise myself I will work on my portfolio. Today I found this awesome item on Craig’s List, and it for free of all things(pictured on the right). This desk would be awesome in my place. Well when I get a place. Also I found this really cool project called turnhere.com. What they do is ask professional indy film makers to take 5 minute videos of their favorite neighborhoods across the country. For d.c. theirs a Shaw & Dupont Circle film. They need some more. I was thinking of making one but i don’t think I qualify as a professional film making, even though film making is my profession. Hey, there’s the definition professional.
Also I’d like to comment on the current state of affairs in D.C. I think Jon Stewart put it best:

Lets pause for a moment, South Africa is now more progressive then the U.S.

Obviously he was commented on South Africa allowing gay marriage, Then later that night on the Colbert Report, Steve made this insightful comment:

The U.S. is ranked #6 in jailing journalist’s, what happend to America being #1. You’ve lost your passion America. Lets work to beat the Chinese.

Only the greatest politcal comments on what is the destruction of the free democratic republic. And then thursday the New York Times released the story that GW had authorized phone taps on americans. Now to be honest with you, If you are a terrorist you would be stupid to talk about it on the phone, no matter what. You must think that your phone is taped. Hell, I think my phone is taped, and I don’t think they had a court order. That’s the thinking that I had even befor GW admitted to it in his weekly radio adress. What I found intresting is that The New York Times sat on this story for more than half-a-year. Since when are the journalist’s of America cross checking their stories with the MAN. Doesn’t sound like the free press to me. If GW was breaking the law my not getting warrants for phone taps, then it must be exposed, complete transparency and absolute punishment for corruption is what keeps democracy good. And GW wondered why the Senate didn’t pass the Patriot Act into law.
So keep on muckracking my friends. And keep your ear to the ground. Lets hope things work out better in the upcoming months. So go check out some of the stuff I’ve written. I hoped I’ve started some discussions. Cool off, see ya later.


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