Almost Where?

Originally uploaded by tafydocter.

Well it’s almost time for the Present trading. Also it’s almost the new year. I’m exciting to see what 2006 will bring. Hopefully before New years i can get a post up that gives a recap of 2005. Today is my last day of behind the wheel so I’ll have my drivers license by 6:30 today. For Christmas I am going to Philly and hopefully I’m going to take the train there. If i do you can be sure it’ll be in a video.
Some notes from around the web. Ira Glass from my favorite show, This American Life, did an interview about his life on radio, so go check it out. Also there’s been a couple intrest meetings about art-o-matic 2006, you know that’ll rock. I can’t wait to see what kind of opurtunities that will bring for my friends and I. Some guy on Craig’s List was trying to get some intrests raised about doing a vlog every morning like the Daily Show. I was intrested but don’t have the time to do it. Hope he still goes through with it though. Also there’s been talks of the Capitail Fringe Festival in June. It’s weird art all through out the city. You know I’ll be all over this that month.
So here’s to a new year coming up. A new year of blogging/vlogging/film-making. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me next.
P.s. No Poem for Now. Next post they’ll be one though!


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