Happy New Years!

The Ally Redux
Originally uploaded by jamacdonald.

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Well so long 2005, here comes the new year. In 2005 I began blogging, vlogging, and podcasting. I’ve gotten a DVR and two DVD burners. I became an avid flickr user and started posting photos onto the internet, I gained and I loss. It’s been a very dynamic year. W’s approval rating tanked, and Jon Stewarts stock went up. The world became introduced to podcasting and free media. The industry is running to find a new strategy. Howard Stern went to Satillite. People are feed up with corporations telling them what to watch and when to watch. With the advent of on-demand content people no longer wait for there favorite show to come on. Now the protocol will be Jon tells you about Deadwood, you go onto your on-demand service on your tv, then you watch from session one show one. It’s the future, Nobody will care about thursday night line-ups. And who really pays for music anymore?
This year I got my drivers licence. I choose my field of mass communications. probably advertising, with a path into art direction. I very exciting about what 2006 will hold. I’ll graduate, get a car, start my artistic and productive life. Move into exciting new worlds. Travel. Everything is going to be awesome. To me 2006 represents freedom. Freedom from everything. I am finally about to become an adult with choices and responsiblity. It’s going rock. I do miss one thing that I lost though. But maybe everything will work out in the end.
Here’s to College, cars, freedom, art.
let 2006 be a year of new experiences, and a year of growth, hopefully by this time next year, everything will be in it’s right place!


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