One Poem…One Rap

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Joyful nuances in the fabric of life
waking up to a new day in a new way
living freely with out a safety blanket
blind dates that turn into true love
great late night quick bites of food
warm sheets on a cold winters morning
Mishappenings that change to fortunate events
songs that you remember all the lyrics to
friendships that last forever

Crooked Teeth
Who do you think you are? systematically chosen by a virtue oof democracy, nah just another lucky punk with name recongnition. Thought you had it figured out. An easy little job with real big perks, but nah you had to get corrupt, get alittle on the side, skim off the top, and take cash up front. Now your before committee and there gonna throw the book at you . Now your great name is worth as much as a happy meal. In normal cases there’s obvious explusion, maybe a fine, but you won’t serve no time. I think just this once will all make an exception , place you in handcuffs and throw you in a penatentury. Didn’t think it was important pass that prison fair treatment mandate. Well now the shoes on the other foot, now your just another ward of the state. So heres to all of the other crooked politicians, this is going to stop, right here, right now. Watch ya back ’cause now I’m on patrol, let yourself kown, your digging a hole. Cause one day will find out, and your new friend will be bubba, crooked little teeth, 400 pound, telling you at night, “don’t make a sound!”


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