Oh dear, it’s the web again

Art Anyone?
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So guess what? yup, I watch alot of vlogs now, and I listen to alot of podcasts, so to me traditional media is dead. I use the t.v. to watch the few shows I like, and use my DVR to record them, so then I can burn them to DVD. I use the internet to find out when the premium channels are playing movies I’m intrested in. All in all, see ya traditional media.
With the release of the new MacBook Pro, (by the way, that’s a terrible name), everyones computers will now have an isight built into them. I like this because then video confrencing will really come into it’s own. However I think that old fashioned audio converstations will still rule the business world, at least will your telecommuting. So speaking of citizen media. How about that youtube.com. To me it’s seems like a close resimbilence to flickr for your videos. And who knew that so many teenagers with a digital camera wanted to put videos of themselves on the web. I don’t think this is such a good idea. But oh well. Time for tech to come into it’s own in this regard. Parents be forwarned, that camera you got you daughter for christmas, yeah, shes putting videos now up on the internet. So keep on trucking world. By the way I hoped you liked the poem i put on about political corruption, it’s a rap i wrote in creative writing. Now for another poem, this one about time.

Where has the time gone?
You were there for so long, mocking me with your patience. But now that you are gone I can never retrive you. I am sorry I took you forgranted. You see, since you’ve always been there I’d grown accostomed to you. I always knew that between one task and the next was you. Somtimes you were the bain of my existance. Making me late but now that I know there is less of you, I grow saddened, you are what seperates life and death. From the moment born, all thier is you, you are what everyone desires. Please time, be kind to me, allow me a few extra breaths of your essenece. Oh devilish time, there was never enough of you. Goodbye world, mine has run out.


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