I Feel Alive!

Pop Portrait
Originally uploaded by jamacdonald.

So Saturday I saw Match Point, I really liked it, powerful film. I think that it was really moving and loved the treachry and seduciton. I don’t think that any of the acting deserved a award or anything. But the story and film as a whole was great. Anyways, across from the theater is a coffee/sandwich place. I hung out there after the film. I really enjoyed it there. Tomarrow I’m going to go there tomarrow for lunch and try to mingle with people.
I really understand that I want branch out and meet people. Everytime i’m out and about and run into some one I recognize, it’s wonderful because they seem so aproachable to me. When they say hi to me I like.
So me, i’m changing. I’m becoming more confident, I realize that I’ve had to change my life about after my girlfriend left me for my best friend. But I realize that I will be fine, and It’s good that I’m ready now to branch out. This branching out is good for me.
Notice the photo. Yeah, I took that, with my new found self confidence I was able to come up to her and ask her to pose for those photos. I feel so happy and confident in the future. So this is going to rock. I feel good about the future.
Bring on the next weekend, I’m ready to experience the life out there.


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