Chilling Effect?

8 Inches of Snow
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Well, let me tell you, I’ve been doing some serious media research in the last 48hrs. First I’d like to direct you to the website, but which I’ve found has sometimes the tendency to leave it’s unbiased nest egg and goto a Progressives only agenda. still great website that has inspired the reporter in me.
First I’d like to report on the ongoing work I’ve done in response to the Dec. leak of the Bush’s admin illegal tapping actions. Because that’s what exactly it is. Illegal. If gov’t class has taught me anything it is that the exec. branch is not the law making body. So it had not right to circumvent the law. This is not to say that if Americans would truly look at what the warrantless taps were limited to, I think the fire would die down. Still, the FISA law was inacted after Nixon so unreasonably wiretaped subculture icons in America. What would lead us to belive that Bush would not do the same?
So here’s links from my research, click around and learn for yourself. I won’t spell everything out for you but we knew the NSA needed more power, but we never let the law grow with that new power. Start Learning America!


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