Artsy Crap

Three Views of History
Originally uploaded by jamacdonald.

Get a load of this:

Closer to us then we think is the organic cotton-fitted outter shell of existance, it shows us how thread-bare a society can be. Next in history is the playful nature of life, unhinged. Representing the pure destruction of 1950’s morals and values. Lastly the human nature of feeding and nutrition. Let all three items into your eye lids and absorb their meanings.

Yup, that’s me showing off my abiltiy to make art out of anything, I hope that maybe some place out there someone has made this there background and think it’s the greatest piece of contemporary vision ever.
well, stay savvy. I’ll blog about something usefull, maybe post a video of the film I am curently working on, By the way anyone check out the ability to change you myspace account to a film maker account, I did it. Dunno why. Out.



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