Driving To Work

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or Here For YouTube!

So a couple of things have changed since I made this video, it’s been about a week but i’ve been busy, so I have a honda accord and it’s really cool, I’ll make a video about the car eventually. So yeah I totally stole the idea for this vlog entry from Ravi Jain’s Drive Time.
Well anyways I’m just trying to get some video exprience behind me right now because I’m going to start making some more personal eye opening entries soon, and also I am going to be editing some larger projects for my school. So practice is good, also stay tuned for my manifesto piece which I plan to make into a nice video i think. Also in the kinda distant future, I will be posting my 15 minute Hanzel and Gretel film I am making for Film studies class. Should be cool. TTYL
Also I’ve started saving my videos on you tube as well as the usual quicktime internet archieve feed. So here’s the link for that.


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