Spartan Idol…Finally

Only On YouTube For Now

So I’m finally posting a video since I’ve got some free time on this long weekend. Today I edited down a quick video, and as in quick I mean 28 mbs which might suck for those with narrow band, just so people can check out what’s going on these days. Also to see what that article about me ment with the Spartan Idol video, so check it out.
Also with my free time I’ll be editing my trip to the midwest. The photo’s are already on flickr I’ve just been lazy and havn’t had the time to edit 50 mins of video to 7. But the reason I didn’t have any free time was because I’ve been working at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Pope-Leighey House. Very cool, but time consuming because I was working there every weekend. But now expect lots of videos. Also I’m getting ready to shoot my video for film studies. I’ll be putting up videos of the making-of too. So Have Fun. Enjoy the 3 day weekend. TTLY.


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