Making Of Hansel & Gretel Pt. 1

Choose Your Poison
or Quicktime

So I’ve worked this weekend on the set for Hansel and Gretel. It’s really cool, I used two wood panels w/chalkboard paint to create an awesome background, ala Dogville. Also I’ve been working hard coming up with ideas to use large sheets of plastic sheeting create back drops. I think that everything should look cool. And I hope that I have fun documenting the whole ordeal. Or go crazy during the filming, ala Hearts Of Darkness (documentary about the making of Apocolypse Now, not the novel).
Also in other news… our media has offically made me completely upset and I hate it oh so very much. First it wouldn’t take videos over 10mbs, now it’s just not taking my videos, so I guess get use to crappy flash videos from youtube. NOT, i guess i’ll look for alternative options.
Well I have to get to work writing and photoshoping, I took a photo of this awesome destroyed TV. See You soon.


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