Halloween by Tarantino

Halloween by Tarantino

So I had a lot of fun this week(+end) I’ve been so busy with different obligations that it was nice to let loose for a change and dress up for Halloween again. Nadja had already picked out what she wanted to be, but up until the day of, I still had no clue. I’m glade I went was one of the characters from reservoir dogs though, Nadja makes a great Mia Wallace. We went to Hyperlink for a costume party and to dance, at first there weren’t a lot of people there, but then it got packed. It was until long before I was dancing, yes, dancing. And I have never had so much fun. It was great to because everyone was dressed up so you felt that you were doing something cool. Stayed out way to late though. But i loved doing something that I don’t usually do. So here’s to all that. Favorite quote of the night: “Oh Snap Son, it’s the Dustblaster 3000.”


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