Jim Webb visits VCU

Jim Webb, Democratic hopeful for Virginia, visited the Student Commons at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond to have a rally the day before the election. I thought it was really exciting to see the whole political process unfolding right in front of me. It was great to play journalist for the day while I walked around with my camera trying to get the “good shots”. I can’t think of a better idea to post a video about so I saw this as my great opportunity. Today America goes to vote on who should represent them in Congress and what State amendments or happenings should take place. I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful election day. I hope that everything goes off without a hiccup and everyone gets the chance to vote. Now I have to get some rest because I’ve spent far to much time editing video and… compressing video, oh how I loathe the painful process of compressing video for the web. Chao!

Click To Watch (Quicktime)
Or on YouTube


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