Selling The Holidays

This is a display at Fair Oaks Mall, it’s a display that merges the classic Santa photo booth with an interactive display advertising the film Happy Feet, I think it’s a little to much of an encroachment on the classic Holiday setting. Children are lured into this space with all the beauty of the snow orbs and such. I can’t imagine parents like that the corporate film industry is using every means necessary to sell their film. I for one don’t like it, but I guess the animated film world is a serious industry. Good luck to all I guess.
I’m working hard to get that video online, finals are nearing so I’ve been really busy. I’ll try to hurry up and get it online. Bye.

One Response to “Selling The Holidays”
  1. Lindsey says:

    we love you Jeff!!!!! you’re an inspiration to us all!!!

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