Worldstudio = New Inspiration

Worldstudio Visits

Mark Randall is principal of Worldstudio, a graphic design agency in New York City and also representative of the Worldstudio Foundation. It was so cool to hear him talk about design and working for the community. He really offered up a lot of inspiration to me about how I can create different oppourtunities with DC Project One to create an impactful difference on people. I really wanted to hear more about the different mentoring projects that Worldstudio headed. Thier website has a complete guide to setting up your own program. This was really a cool event. Students at VCU should go to more of these. I know that some of the graphics design students are required to go, but I think that every one should apperciate the oppourtunity that is presented when people come and share their ideas and inspirations.
I know it really helps me out. I’m so excited about DC Project One these days. I need to work more. And I really need other peoples input as well. Talk to you all later. Here’s a link to Worldstudio.


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