satellite radio

Here are my candid feelings on satellite radio. I had to think about this for a forum post for my communcations technologies class, Enjoy.

I’ve had many discussions about satellite radio with people before. I’ve been with my family on trips when they’ve rented a car with satellites radio. I don’t like satellite radio. It’s one more outlet to take my $12.50 a month away. But to answer the question, people buy satellite radios because: A)They have a lot of money and want to show it off to their friends and B)They do a lot of traveling and don’t want to carry an iPod or switch stations. The reasons why many people won’t buy satellite radio are A)You spend how much time in your car? Maybe 5% of your day. And it’s going to cost you around $200 the first year of listening so you can get some sub par content. People spend your money on an iPod and listen to the content you want. B)Who wants to change out their head units in their car? Any volunteers? Who would just rather plug their iPods into their cars? That’s what I thought.
Programmed content is dead. Long live on demand content.
If I had $10,000 dollars I would not invest in XM or Sirius. Now that they are merging you would be throwing your money into a $1.6 billion debt hole. Your $10,000 isn’t going to do anything to the massive profit hole. Satellite radio might make it, but I’m not holding my breath.

So that’s what I think. Hold me to it. We’ll see what happens soon, that’s why I love having a blog.



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