Beware Of March

So this is going to be an interesting month. March madness is all over Richmond this weekend, and I’m very excited. Also I’ve been relatively productive lately, meaning that I’ve updated the wiki and brought it one step closer to a reality. Today I entered the DC Project One wiki into the contest I told you before about. It should be really exciting. Cory and I collaborated on the description of the project for the cover letter, have a look:

DC Project One is an online Wiki that will one day with the support and interaction of the community, blossom into a living-breathing environment, that every person will be able to utilize. With the addition of this project being a community-planned organization, this Wiki will also help the community to share their ideas and thoughts more freely, which is what this project is truly about. This project isn’t so much about making money as it is about creating something that the general public will be able to appreciate and feel free utilize whenever it is needed. This center will help serve as an educational environment, a place where artist can share their voices, and overall just a territory where people can feel free to be themselves. The true meaning of this project is to make sure that everybody has a voice and that those voices will actually be heard.

So I think that things are going right for the beginning of this month. Hopefully things will stay this way. I still need a room for next year, and I really want a job/internship for the summer. But I guess as long as I have my health and the people around me, everything is in it’s place.


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