Just Another Post

So as you can see from the picture I’m fully enthralled in the craziness that is March Madness, at least in the capacity of VCU going on to the CAA championship. But I still find time to make some tech headway.
The main reason I have not been video blogging for the longest time is because I haven’t had a way of conveniently creating videos, when I first started at VCU I was making videos with my regular Canon video camera, which was great because the video quality was great and it was in 16×9. It’s not very convenient for me however to lug that equipment around with me throughout Richmond. So normally I use my regular digital camera to capture 30 second shots to create a video post. But when I received one of the updates for my MacBook, it disabled the ability to play back AVI files from my Canon A520.
I’ve tried many sites and forums trying to find a solution. Tonight I wanted to give it another try because I feel bad about not creating cool little videos. And I’ve found the solution, so with any luck Google will index this page for all other Canon A520 users trying to get their videos to show up again on their macs. First download the files using anything besides iPhoto, because iPhoto just craps out trying to download the video. I use image capture, you can find it on your mac easily it’s in the applications folder. Then take that video clip and convert it to mp4 using iSquint, my favorite little app. Use the “For TV” function because it will maintain the 640×480 pixel aspect and keep you away from an annoying error message, but either way the video will still convert, and PLAY!
So hopefully I’ll be able to make a video this week and post it. I’m excited to get back into the fray with a video. Have a great night.


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