Ubuntu and other musings

So today I finally got the nerve and tried out Ubuntu on my MacBook. I first downloaded the latest version off of the Ubuntu site, which took about an hour during the middle of the day on the VCU wireless network. Then I burned the ISO onto a CD-R. Then I shutdown my Mac and restarted it holding down option (I read that you can also hold down “C” and it will directly boot from the disk, but I wanted to see what the options menu looked like, the Ubuntu disk showed up as “windows” go figure.) Then it took about 5 minutes for Ubuntu to boot up and get me to the desktop. I chose not to install and instead run it off the CD and RAM. I have 1 gig of ram on my MacBook so it ran pretty fast, open office was my only glitch which seemed to crash when opening more than one document at a time. Ubuntu recognized all of my hardware, including the airport card. I used the Ethernet connection to get on the internet. Everything worked great after that. I did notice some interesting selection issues as if my finger was on the track pad pressing things when it isn’t, but I’m having that issue right now while back in the OS X environment so I’m not saying it’s an Ubuntu issue.
If anyone has been hesitating trying out Ubuntu and Linux, I say stop. It’s painless and works pretty smoothly. You’ll notice that it’s really not that different from Windows or OS X. It’s an operating system. It does what you tell it to do. It’s a pretty awesome feeling to know that individuals created this whole environment though. It just feels less evil when your using it. If I had a second computer I would totally run Ubuntu on it, like a cheap laptop that I only used for word process and the internet. You just feel like your on the frontier or something, it’s cool, wow I’m really geeking out right now.
So if this post isn’t geeky enough for you, check out the pictures of the exploded VCR I took apart, I made this cool mock-up electronic piece. Have a great day.


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