Help me write a hardcore punk song

So I am trying to write a hardcore punk song. Don’t know why, just am. Help me out.

Give me my frappuccino
Give me my iced latte
Give me a lot of free parking
Hurry up, I don’t have all day!

Destroy those old brick buildings
Put up another Chipotle
Give me a lot of free parking
‘Cause I need a lot of space!

Space Invaders knocking on your front door
Making downtown safe for Lacoste and Dior
Don’t give a damn about your property rights
Don’t come to our hearings, don’t put up a FIGHT!

(that’s all I have so far, help me to finish it)

2 Responses to “Help me write a hardcore punk song”
  1. penisballs says:

    Take my penis out of your ass
    It’s making me cum to fast
    I’d rather blow my load
    all down your throat

  2. Make Love. Not War. says:

    Knock all your buildings down and plant a tree
    Paint the world green for you and me
    I want to breathe in the fresh air
    And remember what it was like to not care

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