Update on Project One

I’ve updated the Project One wiki a whole bunch. Check it out and see all the cool new links and explanations. Also I wrote a pretty involved entry in the progress section, check it out:

September 24, 2007- I’ve been really busy at college again. I apologize. But don’t think that I’ve not been working on this project. I’m learning about urban planning and studying how Richmond is changing and evolving.

Richmond is such an awesome case study because it’s such a dynamic community with all the students and artists. There are so many examples here of people graduating from VCU and then starting up a store/gallery here and being successful. It seems that there’s a much bigger market for these kind of projects here in Richmond.

Neighborhoods like Organ Hill and the art galleries around W. Broad are just some of the areas that seem to be ripe for a Project One space. So I’m learnig about how spaces like Gallery 5 in Richmond transition from art galleries to community spaces.

This is such an exciting time for me, and every step in learning is a step in the right direction. It’s only becoming more real to me. I hope that everyone that reads this catches my enthusiasm about the project and starts to help out too.

It’s not too much work that everyone has to put in. Just when your living out your everyday life look out for things that could be Project One related, and when you see it, add it to the wiki. It keeps the conversation open. Good luck.

So check it out and leave me some feedback. I’m always looking for help on the project.



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