My New Project

So I’m working on a new project right now. Consider it the first work to come out of Project One. It’s a civic engagement tool for the internet. It allows users to drill down localized information to become more informed on there area. It revolves around micro politics, economics, sociology, and the press. Read here for some more info and check the scanned rough document I’ve posted.

My site makes the assumption that 4 things influence civics and society in any given geographic area:
Economics, Sociology, Politics, and the 4th estate, The Press.
My site gives users a central location to learn about all of these factors in an easy to use interface that is informative and interactive. Statistics become personal as we ask users where they sit in the pile of numbers.
I.E. Highest level of education achieved or average income of your house.
With personalized data we can show where users fit into the statistics.
Any data that can be placed on a map will have a map icon and use the Google Maps API to show the data.
Government icon shows current state of politics to user and allows them to view all of the users representation down to the most local level, and be able to judge there representation.
The press icon is a aggregation of local media sources pulled together using the zip code provided.

One Response to “My New Project”
  1. Jeff MacDonald says:

    List of websites that have to do with this project.
    +Statistics: &
    +Hyper local News: &
    +Politics: &

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