It’s Over … For Now

So I’m done with Finals, and I got a B average for the semester thank you very much. I wish I had a chart that showed how many videos I made vs. my GPA. There’s a correlation.

So with that I now have some free time to do work that actually interests and excites me. I wanted to take the break to build some cool light art, but as many of my friends have convinced me, that’s just a glorified light-bright. I think I’m more of a software guy than a hardware guy anyways. Besides, my neighbors probably don’t want me to learn to solder. So I guess I stick to what I know.

Here’s a little video I made to get back in the mood of video again. I used iMovie and GarageBand to put this together. Thanks to Mr. Reznor for the tracks that he supplied on, I only needed the vocals from God Given, then I used drums in GarageBand. Enjoy.
YouTube and QuickTime

2 Responses to “It’s Over … For Now”
  1. nadja says:

    thats really awesome, you really made the beat to that? thats amazing it sounded really good!!

  2. Jeff says:

    thanks. I tried to do something cool with the little videos I shot while in California for Thanksgiving. I’m going to try and do something really cool for Holiday break.

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