Almost Home

O Hai!

Cory and I are almost back to Richmond. Right now were at O’Hare airport in Chicago. Now I don’t really understand why most airports don’t offer free wifi yet but O’Hare is one of those airports. They use a service called boingo which is a pretty common service for pay wifi in the US. We’ll a little work around is to use safari’s developer tools to switch the user agent to the mobile safari brower for iPhone, this allows you to use a 15 minute trial of boingo. Just keep using the back button to reactivate the 15 minutes. Which when Cory tried gave him the option to watch an ad that never showed up for even more time. So mileage may vary but still a cool trick. Anyways just a little while longer till I’m back in Richmond. Oh and I bought tickets to see Cut Copy at the 9:30 club, I’m so excited. Also still need to get the physical copy of The Slip. Later.


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