A Walking Tour

So I just concluded a walking tour of most of the middle part of Richmond. It was pretty awesome. My conclusion is that Richmond is probably one of the most walkable midsized cities.  I walked from my house next to the Siegel Center on campus to Gallery 5 and then to the the new dorms by the engineering building. I saw the ridiculous Chile’s restaurant they put underneath the dorms, that has a bar? And I saw the Starbucks and gourmet market. Both items with no street level exposure, instead it’s encased in a glass cocoon as not to expose the patrons to the harsh reality of urban living. It’s a fricken mini mall if you ask me.
I proceeded to the VCU Brandcenter which is beautiful if you haven’t checked it out yet. Unfortunately is locked to visitors it seems. Then I walked to the Richmond War Memorial and the to Browns Island. This was the point at which I started walking back to campus, I went through Oregon Hill and saw that Mamma Zu’s and the newly opened Vinyl Conflict were really busy. And now I sit in Shafer writing this on my iPod touch.
I took a lot if pictures on my little adventure which will soon conclude this post. I love my life.

*Update* Photos
War Memorial

The Reason
Gallery 5
Goshen Street
Goshen Alley
Richmond Skyline
RVA At Night

One Response to “A Walking Tour”
  1. Brandcenter 1st year says:

    After 5:00 the Brandcenter is closed to the public. Come by between 8:00-5:00 M-F and try to get a tour, it’s an awesome space!

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