I’m A Walker

I walked around Richmond again this afternoon. This time I walked the Canal Walk taking some photos and watching crews set up for the Folk Festival that is taking place this weekend. Headed up that way till I got to the awesome looking flood wall and turned onto 14th street. I continued back and walked around the Martin Agency building, very cool. There were these two “dudes” taking a smoke break outside the building that were a splitting image of Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose from diggnation.
About then I started thinking about heading back so I walked past the State Capitol to VCU’s MCV campus and caught a bus back to Shafer. The biggest thing I took away from my walk is that I really truly go to school in a dynamic beautiful city, even if I don’t get to see the “downtown city” part that often. It was awesome seeing all the possibilities that could come in the future for the canal and downtown Richmond. I saw a bunch of spots that would be perfect for project one. Cool pictures to follow soon. I love my little walks.
*update* photos
Keep it up
Flood Door

The Martin Agency
The Castle
Sweet Doors
What could of been
Inside is broken
Project One?

This last photo is a possible site for Project one. It sits on the Richmond Canal Walk and is across from the empty retail site that I took photos, those photos are above this one. Very cool, I’m really excited about living in Richmond and I hope that things work out that I can do this one day. Wish me luck.

One Response to “I’m A Walker”
  1. B says:

    sorry you don’t get to take these walks very often … don’t think I wouldn’t want to go too 😦

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