I don’t normally bring up politics very often. I’ve had some pretty political times in my life and I’ve since calmed down. This is not a time to relax however. It’s very important to me that everyone who can votes Nov. 4. I can’t tell you how many history classes I’ve taken and I always come out of it thinking the same thing: people have sacrificed a lot to be heard. Wars and revolutions are started every year so someone can earn or oppress the right to vote. Voting is not something that is a god given right. Voting is something that is earned and is something that people truly die for to protect. Thousands of men and women have given their lives in the past hundred years to protect our right to go to the polls and voice our opinion and to change the way our government works. When George Washington first peacefully passed the office on to the newly elected president it was the reward of the revolution is full sight.
There’s not much I feel so strongly about in my life then my Country. I don’t normally come out and tell people how patriotic I am because I feel it’s not normally peoples business. I may complain about the choices that our government makes at times, but I would never give up on it. I believe that the Country we live in is worth fighting for and that anything can change with an election. All it takes is people getting up and voicing their opinions loud enough and anything can be made better. So please vote on election day. People have given their sons and daughters and mothers and fathers to protect our right to vote, so show your respect  and walk or drive the few blocks to your polling place and vote.
Beastie Boys


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