Thought This Was Interesting

Havana in Richmond

Havana in Richmond

I saw this while helping my friend scout for shot locations for a commercial he is working on. I wonder if it’s responsible to build themed architecture in a downtown environment, like Richmond, that is trying to recreate it’s own identity. You can’t tell people not to do it (well you can, but for the most part I don’t favor strict design rules for city master plans) but you have to react to the environment around you. The downtown Richmond area is rebuilding and it’s favoring the red brick that has been it’s iconic building tool since it’s incorporation. So I think that all new construction should fallow this tempo. A lot of the new larger building construction is going for a more modern steel and glass feeling and it bothers me that we might not be building to human scale in an area which has a problem keeping foot traffic in it’s downtown after business hours.

The Ball Park Issue

I also saw driving back from downtown a sign that said, ” No Ball Park in Shockoe Slip.” Now I’ve seen the drawings of the ball park that is working to be built in the heart of Richmond downtown and I’m very positive about it’s construction. My friend told me that it would make parking downtown ever worse, but I feel that it would be a move towards a Richmond downtown where I don’t need to park anymore because I can jump on a electric bus or something that zooms me down to a lively downtown. This is also a step in the right direction for creating a Richmond downtown that sees patrons visiting it’s restaurants, bars, and shops after business hours. However I can see what the negative effects could be as well, so leave me your comments.


I’m totally rockin’ the tweeter now that I’ve integrated it into my facebook status, finally I see it’s purpose. And location aware tweets! How could you not love it. I used it to ask where I could find horseradish roots locally and it worked great. Very awesome. Follow me:


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