New Research Project

Besides all the school work I’m doing right now and conceptualizing for ads I now have a big dilemma that will require some research. Previously I had blogged about the Kodak Zi6. I was almost completely positive that it was the camera that I wanted to purchase. Some of things that had sold me was  it’s superiority over the Flip Mino HD with it’s abilities to to take double A’s, expandable memory and better sound quality. I also got really excited when I found this clip of a guy who had fashioned wide angle and fish-eye lenses to his Zi6. But after seeing the Mino in multiple settings and really many trusted reviews I still wasn’t sure yet if I was making the right purchasing decision by going with the Zi6 over the Mino.
Then I found out that the Zi6 had been out for 6 months (an eternity in electronics) and it’s replacement, the Kodak Zx1, was coming out in April 09. The Kodak ditches the flip out usb dongle and adds weather proofing. The design also looks more sleek and smaller than the Zi6, a major plus in the Mino’s favor is it’s small size.  So I’m torn because the Zx1 looks awesome and is only going to be $149 msrp when it comes out in April 09.  But that’s a long time from now and I need it now (see for more need it now items.)
And an even bigger dilemma came when I started reader about the recently announced Canon SD780. It’s a 12 MP point and shot that records 720p HD. So now I have to consider this camera as well. I’ve been looking to replace my trusty Canon A520 and previously I had looked at the sd1100. The canon camera that is replacing that model is the sd1200 but it doesn’t shoot HD like the new SD780 does. Plus the camera is a frickin’ industrial design masterpierce in my opinion. I love the matte black metalic design. This would be the perfect addition to my electronics stable. We’ll have to wait and see who wins the battle.

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