The New Era is Here

It’s exciting times to be alive right now for many reasons. My favorite reason at this moment is ARRA, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Mostly becuase of this killer logo that’s gonna go on anything related to the act.
I love WPA art and all the cool administrative programs that came out of the new deal. So I’m was super happy when I saw that logo on it brings back so much from that era in the design, under consideration, an awesome branding blog, will post more about it tomorrow.
Not everything is up in the world of design for the Obama administration. Take TIGER, no please take it. Sans serif with horizontal strips going through it? It’s for transportation projects paid for by ARRA. Not a big fan but better than most public admin program designs.

Update: March 4, 2009 at 11:50 am
Under Consideration’s blog Brand New has put up their review of the new logos.


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