BOGO = Buy One, Give One

That’s the new Tata Nano, a car that costs $2,000. The idea behind designing a cheap 4-door car is that it gives families in developing countries an opportunity to own a vehicle and travel efficiently around their country. Now their are some philosophical issues presented here. First off we should be eliminating personal transportation and aiding mass public transit. Developing cities are prime areas for the creation of innovative transit solutions. But to counter that , it’s nice to allow families of little means the ability to travel freely without the restraints of transit schedules or fixed travel destinations.

I believe this is the kind of vehicle that people in the U.S. would also appreciate, especially in the city. That interest also seeds the opportunity for the Nano to be marketed as BOGO, or Buy One, Give One. It’s cheap enough to where $4,000 would be a fair price to ask for a four door car that’s new, attractive, and economical to drive. Also it appeals to poor students who need personal transportation but also need to appeal to their want to help the world.

toms_logo oplc

I love companies that sell their products in a Buy One, Give One philosophy. Companies like Toms Shoes sell the idea that buying one pair of shoes for someone in a developing country is almost more important to the purchase then actually receiving their product. I love when giving becomes trendy. (See Live Strong campaign)

Also when interest in buying the famed $100 laptop (OLPC) the company realized that their was a bigger market then just developing countries. They allowed people in the U.S. to buy the OPLC but only if they bought one for someone in an developing country as well. I think that every company should try to create this kind of BOGO activity in their business model. It truly can shape the world we live in.


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