I’m in Chicago Pt.1

So I’m in Chicago for my Sisters wedding. It’s so awesome being able to see all of my family at such a happy occasion. I love the City of Chicago.

Last night I had tapas for the first time, I am a big fan.
The reason I love Chicago is partly because of it’s awesome urban planning. It’s basically the birth place of modern urban planning, during the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition oversaw the construction of the “White City.” A small scale avenue of buildings built mostly from papier-mache and included things like grand boulevards, classical building facades, and lush gardens. During the expo many saw the benefits of a centrally planned city and a decade later Daniel Burnham started work on “The Plan of Chicago” using the principles from the “White City” and the City Beautiful movement that was taking shape during the beginning of the 1900’s. A great example for reference of what planners of this movement were aiming for is the The Mall, in Washington D.C. All in all I love Chicago, it’s public transit, and it’s architecture.
Just a little history to start your weekend, enjoy.


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